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Стеклянные кубы с подиумом 6600 рублей

Glass cubes with a podium
The general size of construction:
1150*1500*400 mm (height * width * depth)
Glass cubes size: 650*1500*400 mm Price: 4200 rur
Podium for cubes of

Size:500*1500*400 mm Price: 2400 rur

Total cost of glass cubes with a podium of 6600 rur

Стеклянные кубы изготовление на заказ

Glass cubes with a podium

General sizes: 
1200*5300*400 mm

Price: 24000 rur

витрина из стеклянных кубов 28000 руб.

Show-window from glass cubes

from above a podium - cubes in 5 circles

General size: 
2000*3010*450 mm 

Price: 28000 rur

выставочное оборудование из стеклянных кубов

The exhibition equipment from glass cubes

Size of a design: 2000*4000 mm
At the left 1600*2000*400 (height * width * depth)

Price of 11600 rur
On the right 3600*1200*400 mm

 Price of 15500 rur
Total cost: 27100 rur

Стеклянные кубы с подиумом 3700 рублей

Rack from cubes with a podium 
Size: 1800 * 400 *400 mm 
Sizes of cubes: 1400 * 400 * 400 mm Price: 2850 rur

Podium for glass cubes of

Size: 400*400*400 mm the Price of 850 rur

Total cost of cubes with a podium of 3700 rur

Стойка из стеклянных кубов 4100 рублей.

Rack from glass cubes with a podium

General size 1900*500*500 mm


Price: 4100 rur

стеклянные кубы и кондитерские стеллажи

Glass cube with a podium in confectionery shop

 Size: 1400*800*400 mm


Price: 4200 rur 


     Glass cubes are made to order, the standard size of one glass cube of 400*400 mm, any options of the sizes are possible. The glass cubes with the podium are made of particleboard panels.

 The trading equipment made of glass, always looks is modern and most openly provides to the buyer to see the goods itself. Glass cubes can be used practically in all shops: grocery, manufactured goods, flower and any other. 

 Glass cubes in our firm Amour  are made as fast as possible, to 7 days.


trade show-window

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sheelving, racks

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glass cube

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