Production or the trading equipment "Amour"

    Our company produces next equipment: trading show-windows, shelvings, counters,glass cubes, reception,etc.  We take all efforts on itself in order to provide your place-location with nesserary trade equipment, from measurement to setting at the place.

    Our company uses such materials as: particle board, aliminium profile, glass and mirrors. You can choose the colours you prefer. We  can also provide you with different illumination and additional furniture. Our specialist can come to you free of charge if nesessary. (Saint-Petersburg only)

    Manufacturing term depends on difficulties of order and quantity of orders, which are on production, but no exceed than 14 days. The glass cubes with the support are made during 2 work days.

    Our specialist wil define the exact manufacturing term after order agreement. Your order will send on production after prepayment - 50% (the rest one needs to be paid at receipt) and on the mentioned day  our representatives will delivered and set the equipment.

    Our company can offer the clients the ready-made equipment from particle board and aluminium profile: trading show-windows, shelvings, counters, tables, - you may find the detailed discription in the section: ready- for- service equipment.

Our company accept different types of payment: cash or bank transfer.


Our coordinates: tel: 8960-286-37-96, 8905-275-06-83, 766-56-81

                        Fax: 766-56-47

E-mail: cvp.81@mail.ru

Our address: ul.Kamchatskaya 9



below you wiil find the links with 4 main division, contained  more detailed discription our production 

trade show-window

trade show-window>>>

sheelving, racks

 sheelving >>>


counters  >>>

glass cube

glass cube >>> 

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