trading counters 
Trading counters and hills 

Our  Amour firm makes various trading counters on existing standards and also according to individual projects. For a concrete location we will make the individual counter which will be entered in the most suitable way in your interior.


Counter - a hill under dried fruits

Colors of a particleboard in the range

Size: 1400 * 900 * 500 mm (height*width*debth )

Price: 4200 rur

Show-window counter from a particleboard

behind with closed doors on locks

Size: 900*800*500 mm

Price: 4700 rur


Counter with closed glass doors

Size: 900*800*400 mm

Price: 4100 rur

прилавок с каскадными стеклянными полками

counter with cascade glass regiments and an aluminum profile

behind the open

Size: 900*900*500 mm

Price: 4800 rur

горка с ячейками 1300*800*500 7500руб

hill a counter with cells (glass)

Size:1300*800*500 mm

 Price: 7500 rur

угловая горка прилавок цена 7500 рублей

angular hill counter

from the seller open calculation 

Size: 1300*800*800*500 mm

 Price: 7500 rur

Hill - a counter

from the back open 


Size: 1300 * 800 * 400 mm

 Price: 3500 rur

Hills - counters for nuts, sweets ,etc. Counter is divided into sections, below the store

 Size: 1500*900*400 mm

 Price: 4200 rur

Counter wall

with the store and doors

 Size: 900*800*500 mm

Price: 4400 rur



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Counters can be a various forms, both square, and rectangular, six-sided and trapezoid. Manufacture of Amour offers to order: trading counters, grocery counters of a show-window, glass counters for trade, a counter for manufactured goods, hill counters for shops, exhibition counters in SPB. Counters for manufactured goods, household goods. St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region counters trading from the producer


trade show-window

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sheelving, racks

 sheelving >>>


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glass cube

glass cube >>> 

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