All trading racks Amour are made with an individual approach and taking into account specialization of your shop 

Стеллаж кондитерский из ламинированного дсп

 Confectionery rack from the laminated particleboard

Size: 2200*900*450 mm (height*width*debth ) 

Colors in the range

Price: 4200 rur


Rack for alcoholic production

from the laminated particleboard, with a mirror.

Size: 2200*900*400 mm

Price: 5000 rur

Rack for confectionery production

Color of a particleboard white with a red edge

Size: 2200*900*450 mm

Price: 4800 rur 

 Universal rack from a particleboard


Size: 1700 * 750 * 300 mm


Price: 2300 rur 

Rack grocery

white with a black edge and a prop in the center

Size: 1400 * 800 * 300 mm

Price: 2100 rur 



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the rack trading is made to order, on own floor spaces therefore our prices are lower, than at other sellers of the trading equipment. Trading racks, grocery racks, confectionery racks, an alcoholic rack, half-internal racks, racks for grocery shop, sale of racks to St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, manufacturing of any rack to order SPB.

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